Audubon Society Nature Trails & Other Goodness

the day after the oysterfest we went over to the Wellfleet Audubon Society to walk the trails. the captain and i had been out late mixing with the locals and were slightly worse for the wear but the moment we started down the trails we knew we had made the right choice in going. on most trips, i am the one that searches out the often missed but must see stops. this time, my mom did all of the pre research and she was spot on. i guess we now know where i get it from :) not long after we started walking, we came across a hidden pond with turtles sunning on a minuscule dock in the center of it. every turn of the walk we fell on a new nature made treasure. the photos below include the pond with the turtle friends, some breathtaking views that remind us just how much is out there to be thankful for, and a photo of one of the very large amount of fiddler crabs we happened upon. no joke, there were hundreds. mom thought she might have nightmares of them crawling on her.
after the amazing stroll through natures wonderland, we headed to the Orleans pier where i captured the photos below. the sky was brooding and just right for picture taking. the temperature had dropped and we started shivering pretty quickly so it was a short but worthwhile visit there.
thanks for taking the time to look and read! i'm traveling next week for work but hopefully will get some down time as there is so much still to tell and i have read about 5 books recently that i want to share with you. hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!


Wellfleet Oysterfest

part of the reason we decided to head to cape cod on this particular weekend was to be there for the wellfleet oysterfest, and boy was it worth it. not only did we eat oysters during the festival, but we pretty much made them a staple food while we were there. the street was PACKED the day of the festival, and as much as we wanted to hang out there for the day among the oysters and locals, the line for beer was a mile long, so we pressed on. after a lovely walk trough the neighbor we came across Mac's Shack and decided to hunker down. there was a wait, but they had local brews and the day was just perfect for some time in the sun. pictured below are my folks, the oyster bar at Mac's, our newly acquired koozie (the captain and i just argued on spelling for that, i won, but am still second guessing), the side of Mac's place and the cappy and i enjoying our oysters. let me be the first to tell you, if you like oysters and you have never had one from Wellfleet, you are missing out. BIG TIME. but don't take my word for it, go get one for yourself....

later in the day we were joined by our friend brett from providence and we quickly made friends with the locals over cocktails and good food. i asked several bostonians repeatedly (lost count around 9) to say things like park the car and they were all obliging. we were genuinely taken with the warmth we received there... heck, the band even let me sing with them.

in summary, go to Wellfleet, eat oysters, hang with the locals. i will supply the link for the cottage we stayed in by the water on my next post. hope everyone is having a great week!


A Week in Cape Cod

back from vacation and refreshed! this was a photo i took while taking a walk on the beach in wellfleet with my mom. to get down to the sand we went down 93 stairs as seen below. going down them was not nearly as painful as going back up them after a long calf burning walk on the mushy sand, but it was well worth the trip. the shoreline was beautiful and we were delighted by seeing some seals swimming just off shore catching waves and breakfasting next to a lone surfer.

this is just the first morning of the trip. there is much more to tell about cape cod, nantucket and boston and all of the fun we had seeing the sights, enjoying our surroundings, loving the weather, gorging on food and drinks and appreciating the time with family. i will update soon with more of the fun!